SpaCandy: EO Lavender Foam Bubble Bath

27 Jan

Being a bath addict, (I sometimes have two or more a day) you can bet I can’t resist bubble bath.  And there seems to be a never-ending slippery sudsy stream of them currently bubbling up!  But, no matter what the cost, most just make pathetic sappy suds, dry my skin out and lose their fragrance.

And I like to PLAY with my bubbles, we’re talking scooping up handfuls looking like the gal on the cover of Whipped Cream & Other Delights by Herb Alpert
type action.

So, I was in TJ’s the other day and came across this EO Lavender Foam Bath for 3.99! – I have seen it for $10 at Whole Foods.  The lavender smelled so authentic, like I could be in some Lavande Field in France.  Not too sweet, just fresh.  So, with low expectations, I brought it home.

Bathtime – I squeezed a few tablespoons into the tub – left it and when I returned – WoW!  The bubbles were are least a foot high in spots & the whole room smelled of lavender.   THEN, the bubbles lasted for an hour – told ya I luv my soaks.  My skin was soft after.  A winner.  The only caveat it did leave the tub a bit greasy – so I had to be careful stepping out.

I went to buy more, but TJ’s was sold out. . . so I may go to Whole Foods or I may be distracted by another brand to try?  I’ll keep you in the loop.

Spa wishes, Candy

One Response to “SpaCandy: EO Lavender Foam Bubble Bath”

  1. marla (Family Fresh Cooking) January 28, 2010 at 3:38 am #

    EO makes great products! Thanks for stopping by Family Fresh Cooking! Your weight loss story is inspirational. Wish I could get myself a sudsy bath and a trip to the Golden Door right about now!

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