Valentines Day In the Pink Spa Party

23 Jan

A few years ago I developed an In the Pink party for Valentine’s Day. Pink you may think – would scare away the guys, but my guy friends appreciate the party so much (since they don’t have to do as much work planning a Valentine’s evening out) they wear their pink with a smile!

For the base party, decorations, food, music, beverages, follow How to Throw a Valentines Day In the Pink Party. BUT, this is Spa Around the World so lets take this up a notch for the most memorable Valentine’s soiree ever, lets spa it up!

Glam LushLife Ice Bucket for that Pink vibe

Beverages:   Other than that gorgeous Pink Lush Life Crystal Ice Bucket a way to interject pink with your cocktails is X Rated Fusion liquor. It’s premium French vodka, blood oranges & passion fruit and the most gorgeous pink – practically begging for a spot at the bar wouldn’t you say? I highly recommend their website which brims with downloadable cocktails & more party ideas

Since this a “spa” pink party, try SATW’s healthy libation:

The Cupid’s Arrow Spa Smoothie

X Rated Liquor
1 part Pomegranate Juice to 4 parts Frozen Strawberries (aphrodesiac fruits for Cupid)
Vanilla Yogurt
1 or 2 TBL. Wheat Germ – (that’s the arrow!)
1 tsp  Ground Cinnamon

Blend roughly the same amount of everything (except the wheat germ & cinnamon) in a mixer to desired thickness. Then add ingred. to alter it to your taste.
Garnish: Fresh strawberries pierced with plastic arrows & float a few red hot candies on top. Then steal that man’s heart!

Spa with your Sweetheart: Set up 3 spa stations away from the flow of traffic.  A folding screen or hanging beads taped to the ceiling around the lounge area will make them more cozy.

Station 1:  In the Mood Massage:  Invite a massage therapist to give 10 minute chair massages – they bring their own special massage chairs for this.  Eliminate this station if you can’t afford a massage therapist.

Station 2:  DIY My Heart is in your Hands:  On a small folding or tray table arrange a metal bowl filled with smooth river stones and tongs (add a few drops of your fave essential oil if you wish), a stack of washcloths & a plastic bin or basket for used items.

On a card, invite guest as couple or individual to take a stone with the tongs, cool it on the cloth and relax with it as they like – rubbing it on their hands  – passing it back and forth to a partner.

Station 3:  DIY Melt My Heart Paraffin Dips – Set up a paraffin bath on a table with a bottle of lotion and plastic bags.  Invite guests to lotion up, take a dip and put the plastic over their hands while the wax dries.  Remove bag and discard.

*  If you don’t have a paraffin melter.  Buy blocks of paraffin from the beauty supply store and melt them in a crock pot, keep it on low.

Optional Game:  The Romantic Robe.  Have a bathrobe or two on hand. Guests pair up.  One team member puts on the robe.  The team must figure out how to transfer the robe onto the other partner without using their hands.  The team that does it the fastest gets a prize of a new robe.

Happy Spa Valentine’s Day Wishes, Candy

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