SpaDude’s Review of Crew Salon in The Lab: Antimall Costa Mesa, California aka the Two Hour Hair Cut

22 Jan

This review is courtesy of my SpaDude.  Just a little background since this is his first appearance here.  SpaDude wasn’t always so. He is a scientific, very logical and practical type of fella and at first pooh poohed the whole spa thing.  Once when he picked me up at a spa in England, he said we all looked like psychos in our white robes on the lawn. . .  you get the picture of what I was up against.

Then I gave him a certificate to a male salon called Exclusively Male.  It took some persuading, but he went and agreed to get a massage.  Well, can I say, it was the quickest turnaround in history.  He’s all about relaxation action now.  For instance, he used to have hair done by the barber up the street now he goes to the salon.

Since I had just had my hair did, he – looking very shaggy – jumped at the opp to review this salon in the OC.   (I was with him to observe.)

Crew is an Aveda salon at The “Anti-Mall” one of those urban hipster kinda places which means to be the antidote to the chichi shopping in Orange County.  Christian Dior, Chanel and the like are around the corner at South Coast Plaza. It’s entrance looks like a garage door (indeed it was a garage door b4 the center was renovated) with cement floors and lemon yellow & white mod furnishings.

Space Agey Egg Chair at Crew

The receptionist seemed sort of out there as we entered.  She asked if we had an appointment and then couldn’t find it.  She also failed to offer us a seat or any of Aveda’s signature tea.  Instead she went searching for Lindsay the stylist and came back with her in tow -we only waited about 2 minutes, but we were the only clients in the entire salon.

Lindsay got us a tea and led us to the cutting area which glittered as we walked in due to double sided mirrors hung from the ceiilng presiding over each hairdresser’s snowy white station.  Very cool effect.

SpaDude Tip:  Guys as well as gals should take photos of the look they are after to the salon.

Lindsay sat SpaDude down at her station and examined his hair.  She concluded it was so thick it was pulling the curl out, true.  She also asked him how long he wanted it.  He told her he wanted his hair to have shape and be a little more stylish – but not have to do a lot to it.  Stylish means you have to style it – silly SpaDude.

She said it would and she cut and she cut and cut very slowly.  Snip. . . .Snip. . .  two hours and about 50 restaurant recommendations later SpaDude’s hair was finished.  AND. . . ta da  it looked much the same as it did before only shorter.  Yet he was happy and Lindsay was very sweet.  She did a mix of wet and dry cutting which was cool, but didn’t seem to do anything special.

As an innocent bystander, I felt two hours for a cut and style, especially on a guy, was obscene!  And, he really didn’t get that Cali style he was after.  But SpaDude loved all the attention & Lindsay offered a clean up cut in a few weeks for free.   $55 bucks for a cut sans tip.   My rating meh nothing special but not bad.      Spa Wishes, Candy & SpaDude


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