Promis’d or Punk’d Spa Style

17 Jan

Have you noticed how many products play on Spa?  Heck, there’s even a spa foundation, alas much of this is marketing hype.  That foundation may be good, but unless teeny tiny aestheticians leap out and give you a facial, makeup is not a spa.

In the spirit of wanting you to enjoy some spa time – and this does not involve wasting your money on products that don’t deliver – I thought I’d save you the dosh by reviewing whether these “spa” products come through as Promised or leave you Punk’d.

I’ll admit, I’m writing this with a blanket on my lap.  I am a comfort junkie & constantly seek ways to spa up my desk.  The other day I was on Levenger, a website with gadgets, furniture and other literary loot for those that love to read & write.  They are having a big sale this weekend & since reading is one of my cherished retreats I had to browse.

Now I’ve found some great stuff here, one of my faves:  a Thai reading pillow.  It’s a triangle shaped pillow with a fold out edge that holds your book at a perfect level for your body and eyes & keeps your book open.  Plus, it’s so much prettier than those hard wooden bookstands & blends well with my soft spa decor.

DeskSpa Foot Rest

OK, so I’m browsing & then I saw it – a footrest called the DeskSpa. Basically, a hard wooden footrest for under your desk with a built in foot roller in the middle for $98!

Spa Office Tip:  Elevate your feet under your desk for good circulation and better posture.  The addition of a foot roller gives you a caffeine free energy boost.

My desk foot spa - roller by Happy Company & pillow foot rest

Instead of spending nearly $100 for this contraption – which doesn’t even look all that comfy, here’s what I do I have a vibrating footrest and keep my foot roller beside it – much more versatile.

Some of the better footrests are: Kensington SoleMassager Exercising Footrest
or kick it up a notch with the Vornado SoleAire Foot Rest and Heater
(might have to do that myself my feet are always cold.)

The best foot roller on the market is The Happy Company Foot & Body Roller Massaging Fingers
see pic at right.

Now that will tickle those desk bound tootsies!  Verdict:  DeskSpa Foot Rest – Punk’d!

PS:  If you have any gadget or goodies that claim to give you that spa feeling – submit them for review to


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