Our First Giveaway!

17 Jan

SATW is so excited about the overwhelming positive response we’re receiving about our Daily Spa Tweets – that we’ve decided to give away accessories to help you take a quick escape from the hectic work week:  3 Soothing Eye Pillows from The Happy Company.

I keep mine in the fridge (if you’re at an office they may frown on pillows in the office fridge so use your own judgment!) & pop it over my eyelids while listening to the music to shut out the world for a few minutes.

These just aren’t any eye pillows – they are the creme de la creme.  I’ve tested them all & trust me most are too thin, too small to cover the face & have little or no fragrance, but these :

Give your eyes a rest from computer & work strain with a Soothing Eye Pillow

-Packed with flax seeds for a soothing weight and larger coverage area.
-Targets sinus pressure and acupressure points around the eyes and face.
-Features a flax seed insert with removable scent sachet filled with ginger and lavender for vitality and relaxation.
-Eye Pillow chills quickly in the freezer for instant headache or puffy eye relief.
-Chenille is super soft and velvety.

So what do I have to do to win one of these beauties you wonder? RETWEET OUR 2PM EST DAILY SPA TWEET ON TWITTER ON MONDAY, February 1. We will contact winners via Twitter with our email so you can send us your address. Be sure you follow @artofthespa so you see the original tweet. Three people will win one pillow.

Good luck and feel free to share this with your friends. Spa wishes, Candy

PS:  I am not affiliated in any way with The Happy Company, but their products are some of the highest quality home spa & relaxation items I’ve found. They are also reasonably priced – definitely a plus in this economy.

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