Southern California Spa Sojourn – a Spa Lover’s Paradise Pt. 1

13 Jan

Californ-I-A aka SpaLand!

It may not be around the world, but California is light years away from the Midwest, my current home. As a spa obsessed gal, I’ve toyed with the idea of moving to California. What’s not to love? Spas, perfect weather, maybe an earthquake or two but better than gray winters where I have to use my therapy light to keep away the blues.

When I worked on a spa at the Sundance Film Festival a few years ago, I met what felt like the entire entertainment industry and was impressed by how excited, creative and driven everyone was. There was just this pull & I understood why people go to Cali and live in their cars – what an amazing industry to be part of. That made my toying a little more serious. So I tried to find a job but it fell through along with my idea (or so I thought) of moving.

Then a year ago a good friend moved to Orange County (yes the OC!) and had room for me to stay. I badly needed a vacay so I went for a week. . .WoW from the minute I arrived I was entranced. Unbelievable beach sunsets, while mountains stood guard around us, so many boutiques I couldn’t even count. .. And I loved seeing the spa life in action. Folks were running, surfing, biking and working out everywhere I turned. It was like being inside a beautiful sunlit bubble. This I had no doubt was where I needed to be.

The OC California's Gold Coast

So I returned to the midwest with a plan. In two weeks I would close my house, pack for a few months go out and see what happened. While I was psyched at the possibility of so many spas to experience, I was also worried-we were in a recession after all, that I would be faced would the awful prospect of so many spas, but so little money that I would be like a kid in a candy store (literally) without a penny to spend. Plus, I thought, won’t the treatments be more expensive a la California’s rap?

BUT, since California and Arizona have the most spas of anywhere in the States – there would be more opportunity. Heck, there’s even a Southern California (or SoCal as it’s called) Spa Directors Association a telling sign indeed. And even though California is also one of the most crazy expensive places to live in the US – I’ll have a place to crash, I can take Miro the @SpaCat and the cold weather’s coming.

Surfin' Dude - I wanna learn to do that

So with visions of palm trees, sunshine and beaches dancing in my head, (and before those doubts could creep in) I shut up my house, packed 2 very large suitcases . . . and moved (albeit temporarily) to California sort of like The Beverly Hillbillies. . . “They loaded up the truck and moved to Beverleeee”. But what happens when I get there is waaaay more fun and outrageous than any sitcom episode. See which spa I visit first and what happens as I begin to investigate SoCal the spa mecca in part 2.

"They loaded up the truck and moved to Beverly. . .


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