SpaCandy: WalkVest by Debbie Rocker Makes Walking Workout More Effective – Get Fitter Faster!

20 Nov

We all know that walking is an terrific way to keep fit or get into shape.  But what if you could do the same exertion and lose more weight while toning your core and building metabolism boosting muscle?

Especially with the fattening holidays on our doorstep, our workouts need to be as lean and mean as possible.  And as women we know we need to build bone with weight bearing exercise.  If you’re like me, I admit incorporating weights into my exercise routine is my weakness.

That’s why, when on one of my spa sojourns, I was excited to discover something that turns walking into a power workout and anyone at any fitness level can easily use it and benefit: The WalkVest.

sidebar_briskThis innocent looking life preserver like vest has slim pockets around the abdominal section, fitted to hold oblong slices of weight.  Several of these weights come with the vest, but you can buy extras for a super hard walking workout.   Stars like Lisa Rinna and Valerie Bertinelli call this contraption their secret weapon and I’m here to tell you it works.

Just pop the vest on over your walking togs and under a coat, fasten the straps & you’re ready to really powerwalk.

The drawback?  The vest is a little bulky, especially if you add extra weights (available on the website) – like I do.  When the heat of summer came, I admit I quit using the vest.    But as soon as the weather dropped below 80 out came the vest.  In the winter, it helps keep me warm too with it’s extra insulation.

Right now, Debbie is offering a special, 15% on all of her walkvest products until December 15 – which is what inspired me to write about this now.  Just use the promotion code WVX08 on checkout.  Her website is

Enjoy and see you at the Spa, Candy

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  1. valerie bertinelli December 6, 2008 at 9:51 pm #

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