SpaCandy: WET Bath and Body Products by Tag Galyean Inventor of Silvertag Shower

13 Nov

I can’t think of a better name for a spa line than WET!  The phrase “you’re all wet” takes on a more pleasant connotation when applied to spa architect and designer Tag Galyean’s line of skincare products.  Not only are they best used when wet – they are part of his illustrious reputation as the penultimate hydrotherapy purveyor.  BTW, WET stands for Water Embodied Therapy. 

Tag is the world-renowned designer of the SilverTAG Shower – computer controlled to quickly and accurately change the water temperature and pressure from a stellar eighteen showerheads.  From the touch screen, one can chose from several sequences designed by spa specialists for relaxation, invigoration, and to increase circulation. Custom sequences can be created and saved for daily use.

Click on this video for a virtual shower in the SilverTAG.  

It’s easy to see why the prestigious magazine, The Robb Report has acclaimed Tag the master of Heaven at Home.  But, at a price of $100,000,(no that’s not a typo!), making it the world’s most expensive shower, it will remain a fantasy for most of us.

With or without the SilverTag, you can incorporate hydrotherapy into your life with Tag’s WET line.  Made from the ultimate natural ingredients, the line is divided into Invigorating and Calming, plus three soaks focused on nourishing, clearing or muscle soothing.  The Layered Activation Regime encourages product layering for maximum benefits.  Simple and sophisticated, I am struck by how these mists, creams, scrubs and washes are indulgent yet practical.


Get Wet!

Get Wet!

Tag’s robes are also unusually at once utilitarian and sumptuous.  Lined with a pima cotton terry with avery light cotton seersucker shell, they are perfect for post-shower lounging – water absorbent and cozy next to skin, but lightweight and allow for unencumbered movement.

Light as a feather!

Light as a feather!

Stop by Tag’s website to see the entire line here.  Be sure to check out the SilverTag Shower & tubs while you’re there. 

See you at the Spa, Candy


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