SpaCandy – Champney’s Detox Supplements

13 Oct

Finding sanctuary from demanding jobs, hectic family routines and over-booked days can be impossible. When my schedule resembles an Olympic sprint, I rely on little luxuries to give me gold medal zip aka SpaCandy.

I first spotted Champneys Detox & Cleanse supplements while browsing in a UK pharmacy. I’ve always wanted to do a detox, but can never find two weeks to do it. Since Champneys is a British spa brand renowned for weight loss and detox vacations, I snapped these babies up.

The capsules contain nutrients your liver uses to flush toxins out of the body, thus encouraging faster elimination. Toxins can cause nasty symptoms like fatigue, skin issues and weight gain – so I want that garbage outta there!

Every 3 months (I mark it in my ical), I take one tablet daily for 2 weeks – the same amount of time I would do a detox. No change in diet required. Results? More energy, fewer breakouts and I’m less hungry.

These are available in the States via ebay, search for Champneys adding worldwide to your locations. Champneys told me if there was enough demand they would ship to the States. Read more at Champneys website. Enjoy!

See you at the Spa, Candy

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