Where Would Cindy McCain Spa? The “Straight Spa Express” Tour Along the Campaign Trail with Cindy

10 Oct

Cindy is the epitome of Heiress Chic. I nominate this posh, pampered, princess for the Town & Country poster girl.

Heiress Chic

Heiress Chic

A former Rodeo Pageant Queen, Cindy’s extra-lavish wardrobe has gained national acclaim. Vanity Fair, while regaling Michelle Obama in their best dressed list, said shame on Cindy whose recent outfit priced out at $313,000.

Cindy’s blonde tresses need constant tending with conditioners and color – Plus her age means she needs more treatments to, ahem, maintain her appearance. Patricia Wexler, famed dermatologist, has a fun commentary about Cindy’s beauty routine.

So as Cindy accompanies hubby John along with the Straight Talk Express tour, we know she is spaahing and in the most extraordinary manner. The spas & treatments Cindy would choose are:

9/26 Oxford, Mississippi Serenity Day Spa

Dealing with a nervous husband is hard work and I’ll bet Cindy is exhausted on debate day. So I’m banking she would go for the Extended Full Body Massage, a Lash Perm to make her eyes pop and a Serenity Facial to smooth and relax her face.

9/30 Des Moines, Iowa New Impressions Spa

Feeling grubby from the road trip, Cindy desperately needs the Day of Beauty which includes Herbology Polish Body Wrap, Swedish Massage, Manicure and pedicure with paraffin, style and makeup.

10/1 Los Angeles, California La Petite Retreat

Cindy is in heaven at this French Asian Island in glamorous LA! This unique spa has a Hydrotherapy tub made of solid copper and soaking in it is said to relieve arthritis and joint pain (metal healing)
Since it’s the only one in LA – Cindy has the Ginger Peppermint plunge hydrotherapy bath. She follows this with the Epicurean Herbal Peel, a pore cleansing followed by a series of moisturizing and exfoliating masks.

10/2 Denver, Colorado Spa Universaire

This concept spa has 10 areas devoted to different areas of the world. It’s lush surroundings beckon Cindy, who chooses to indulge in the Taj Mahal room.

Here, following her complimentary footbath, steam and swiss shower, she has the Himalayan Rejuvenation Body Treatment which includes:

  • Body brushing with oils customized to her Dosha
  • Shirodhara Forehead Treatment – 30 minutes of stress soothing Aveda oils poured on the forehead in a constant, warm, relaxing stream.

Tune in next week for more Political Spa adventures.
See you at the Spa, Candy


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  1. Jamie Holts October 10, 2008 at 2:58 am #

    I finally decided to write a comment on your blog. I just wanted to say good job. I really enjoy reading your posts.

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