Spa Cure for a Migraine – The Natural Way to a Migraine Free Day

9 Oct

Ohh my head is turning inside out, I’m too nauseous to even eat pizza. . . migraine onslaught. And to boot, I haven’t written my Cindy McCain spa post yet.

Seems I get more than my share of migraines, especially the first day of a spa trip – due to caffeine withdrawal (I love my coffee). Luckily, I’m usually scheduled for treatments that day, so I’ve gotten all kinds of great advice (and relief). Put it together and you have the Ultimate Migraine Remedy.

Here’s what I did to get rid of my migraine naturally ie without drugs:


Head On has got to be one of the cheapest and most unknown migraine treatments. From the UK, it looks like a big tube of chapstick. You swipe it onto your forehead and temples and it relaxes the muscles. (Botox better watch out!)


Fill a bowl large enough to soak your feet with the hottest water you can stand – add a few drops of rosemary, peppermint or eucalyptus essential oil. The hot water draws the blood to your feet and away from your head and the oils relax you further.

I have a Homedics foot bath which has vibrating nodes on the bottom, to massage your feet. If you don’t have one, you can put small pebbles (or marbles) beneath your feet to emulate reflexology. Focus on the tips of your toes which correspond to your head and brain. This interactive reflexology chart shows the exact spot.

Don’t forget to drink a cool glass of water while you relax.


As you soak your feet, press your thumbs into the base of your head on either side of your spine. Apply pressure for 5 minutes. Next, imagine the pain as a colored ball, isolating it in an area of your head. Try to move the colored ball out of the top of your head as you relax and doze.

Voila, this regimen just obliterated my migraine, I hope it did (or will) yours. It works best the sooner you catch the pain. Now I can write that Cindy McCain piece for ya’ll. Look for it Thursday.

See you at the Spa, Candy


One Response to “Spa Cure for a Migraine – The Natural Way to a Migraine Free Day”

  1. Jane Watson May 20, 2009 at 2:17 pm #

    Another great migraine article! I always like read your blog so I always come back for more.

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