Where Would Michelle Obama Spa, Spa Along the Campaign Trail with Michelle

29 Sep
Go Michelle Go (to the spa!)

Go Michelle Go (to the spa!)

Ironically, though Michelle Obama is liberal in political speak and Sarah is conservative, their roles are reversed when it comes to their styles.

Michelle’s polished wardrobe has accolades galore and is under constant surveillance.  Vanity Fair magazine named her one of the “10 of the World’s Best Dressed People” twice & she is in People Magazine’s “10 Best Dressed Stars”.  She even has nicknames like “Michelle O” comparing her style to Jackie O’s.  

(for more on Michelle’s style check out  Beauty Addict , BellaSugar StyleBell )

Coming from a legal, instead of an entertainment background like Sarah, Michelle’s approach to her wardrobe and makeup is traditionally minimal.

Blessed with model looks and a spotless complexion, Michelle says she pared her beauty and makeup routine to 10 minutes and avoids the makeup chair in favor of the easier natural look.  

Look at that skin, beautiful.

Look at that skin, beautiful.

Uh oh, are we barking up the wrong tree here?  This doesn’t sound like a spa goer or does it?  Of course it does!

 A spa visit every now and then will help Michelle de-stress.  As a down to earth beauty, she would favor health & medical spas to the luxury and pampering types. 

As she makes her way around the country with hubby and children in tow, here are the spa choices Michelle might make from their route: 

9/19 Coral Gables, Florida  Camelot Salon & Spa

Considering all the Jackie O analogies, I’d love to say I think Michelle would go to the Camelot Salon & Spa to have her adorable bob flat ironed before the speech.  

9/20  Daytona Beach & Jacksonville, Florida   Panache Day Spa

The Panache Day Spa has pampering services, but the emphasis is on wellness so this is the place for Michelle to recharge.  The LaStone massage will really get the knots out of her muscles.

9/21  Charlotte, North Carolina    Oasis Day Spa

To rehydrate after all that Florida heat, Michelle would have the TimeLess Signature Facial to diminish lines and deeply moisturize.  Includes milk protein, egg white and paypaya. 

9/24  Dunedin, Florida     Meadow Day Spa for Body & Skin

Believe it or not, pedicures are utilitarian treatments, they help keep Michelle’s feet from being tired from constantly standing by Obama’s side.  On the gulf of Mexico, Meadow Day Spa clients enjoy a brief massage before treatments that use only pharmaceutical oils.

9/25  Washington, DC   Andre Chreky Salon Spa

In downtown DC, close to the potential “office”, Michelle is bound to love this cozy, intimate spa with loads of class.  Here she’ll indulge in deep conditioning to prevent frizz from the flat ironing.  But, I wonder if her hair could handle the Japanese Straightening?  Then no more irons!

Bonus!  Plus, if she “moves” here, Andre Chreky could become a favorite spot.

Tune in this Thursday, I’ll update you on Sarah’s spa adventures. 

See you (and Michelle) at the Spa, Candy


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