Programming Change

28 Sep

Due to unbelievable demand, I am postponing my Spa Around the World Trip until after the election and the holidays.

I want to thank you all for your comments and emails regarding Sarah’s spa trip along the campaign trail. Because this blog is for you, I am honoring your requests to not only follow Sarah’s, but also Michelle’s (after all this is a non-partisan blog!) spa escapades until election day.

Besides it is hurricane season and won’t we all really need a spa break in January – after the holidays and election?

In addition to spa coverage of the campaign, watch for:

  • Spa strategies to take some of the “hectic” out of the holiday season
  • How to throw an unforgettable New Year’s bash at a spa
  • Spas in the cities along the round the world route
  • How to surprise your family & friends with spa presents & certificates
  • New episodes of the SpaLife spacast
  • Celebrate the holidays with family spa getaway

Who Knows?  Maybe we’ll even see John and Obama at the Spa?!!?

Who would you like to see at the spa?

See you (and Sarah and Michelle) at the spa, Candy


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