An Apple A Day – Spas in New York, NY

17 Sep

At this moment the detective approached Mr. Fogg, and, looking him intently in the face, said:

Mr. Fix: “Seriously, sir, are you in great haste?”

Mr. Fogg: “Quite seriously.”

“I have a purpose in asking,” resumed Fix. “Is it absolutely necessary that you should be in New York on the 11th, before nine o’clock in the evening, the time that the steamer leaves for Liverpool?”

“And, if your journey had not been interrupted by these Indians, you would have reached New York on the morning of the 11th?”

Mr. Fogg: “Yes; with eleven hours to spare before the steamer left.”

I’ll have a planning update for you later this week, meanwhile, I hope everyone is getting ready for some serious spa time.

As you can see from clicking on the Platial Map to the left, our first stop will be New York City. We’ll only be there for one night, then head for Portugal.

It occurred to me as I was writing my Daily Schedule that I since I had the chance to choose from a few spas in each city we visit so should you.

Also, I’m a little curious to see if any of you all have been to these spas and which one you would pick and why.


Tea at the Mandarin Oriental

Tea at the Mandarin Oriental

So a few days before we arrive in each city, I’ll post the websites for a few of the spas I was deciding upon for you to explore.

Spa links from the big Apple:

Mandarin Oriental
Chopra Center and Spa at Dream Hotel
Ritz Carlton La Prairie Spa

Feel free to post in the comments your take or experiences at any of these. Looking forward to hearing from you, until then,

See you at the Spa, Candy


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